Sir Oeren Morell

An elderly knight and paladin of Haelyn, patron of the PC's at the beginning of the campaign.


Sir Oeren Morell is an elderly man, his face wrinkled, his hair and beard shot with white. His frame was once powerful, but he seems shrunken by the weight of his years and his experiences.



Sir Morell was once a mighty paladin of Haelyn, a champion of justice and an adventurer who roamed many lands throughout Cerilia.

In his youth, he faced a terrible crisis of faith, and for a time, he succumbed to despair and drink. He was stripped of his paladinhood, and he lived a life of a wandering mercenary until he was offered one last chance at redemption.

Sir Morell achieved what few men ever have; he reinvented himself, gave up his addiction to drinking, and reclaimed his status as a paladin, defeating a powerful creature of evil in the process.

In his later years, Sir Morell served the Northern Imperial Temple of Haelyn well and justly, and there were many who championed him to become the next Thane of Talinie. However, Sir Morell declined in favor of Thuriene Donalis, and chose to live his last years on a modest estate in the province of Freestead.

Sir Morell knows that he does not have much time left, but he has chosen a number of people he has met during his life to serve in his court; people whom he believes have great potential to match or even exceed his legend.

Sir Oeren Morell

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