Heroes of Cerilia

Second Session Notes

Well gang, the second session went a lot better in many ways, especially with the Savage Worlds ruleset! (I think I’m finally getting a handle on all this)

XP for this session is 4.

1 bonus XP will be granted for the following “Homework assignment”

Write at least one paragraph describing your character’s actions when returning to Caer Morell at the end of the adventure.

First Session Notes - OOC
Game notes for session 1

Hi guys, the first session went really well overall. I did go back and study the rules some more and here’s a few things I learned that I would like us to keep in mind for the future.

1. Damage IS additive! This means you add up all the results on your damage dice for a total. Combat just got a ton more dangerous. :)

2. Taunts and Intimidates and the like fall under the “Test of Wills” action, which targets and affects ONE individual. No more shutting down half the bad guys at once. :P

3. I need to be clearer about what number you guys are trying to hit with your actions. I will try to use my magnetic sheet and put down the Parry and Toughness of the enemies on it for easier reference.

4. Drawing a weapon is your entire action, normally. You can “quick draw” and take a -2 on your action for the round. I think I did mention this during the game, but this is even more significant than I was thinking. Making a note of what you’ve got readied is going to be pretty important.

6. Ganging up gives the attacker +1 Fighting per ally. Surrounding people is good!

7. If you really want to hit someone, use the Wild Fighting option. This increases your roll to hit by +2 and lowers your Parry by -2.

Everybody gets 3 XP (+1 if you write a background for your character by next session)


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