Read This First!

Greetings, players for Heroes of Cerilia. This wiki will have lots of information on the game setting, NPC’s, and more in the near future.

Don’t freak out! This page right here contains ONLY what you need to know right away. Everything else is entirely optional; read at your own discretion.

OK, so what are the things you need to know about the game?

  1. It’s a fantasy roleplaying game. This means that we are adventuring in a world of magic, monsters, kings and knights.
  2. The particular world we’re playing in is known as Cerilia. It is basically earth, with Lord of the Rings-style monsters (goblins, dragons, etc.) and magic.
  3. The place we will begin the campaign in is a nation known as Anuire. Anuire was once a massive empire that spanned most of the known world, but its last emperor died 100 years ago, and the realms of Anuire have since split into a number of smaller nations.
  4. The particular nation we are beginning the campaign in is known as Talinie. Talinie is on the coast of the major continent, towards the north. It is bordered by an ally nation to the south (Boeruine), to the north by Thurazor (a kingdom of goblins, evil and cunning creatures), and to the east by the Five Peaks (a lawless realm, said to be inhabited by nothing but monsters, brigands, and a mysterious wizard known as the Eyeless One). Talinie is a theocracy, ruled by the High Thane Thuriene Donalls of the Northern Imperial Temple of Haelyn. Haelyn is the god of justice and noble war.
  5. Your characters are all beginning the game as part of the court of Sir Oeran Morell, an elderly knight and paladin of the god Haelyn.
  6. Most of Sir Morell’s court is made up of human nobles. Your characters may be non-human and non-noble if you wish, there are plenty of reasons why Sir Morell would have brought you into his household.
  7. Character Races: Human (there are a number of nations that your character may be from, see below for more details), Elf (there are a number of nations that your character may be from, see below for more details), Half-Elf, Dwarf, Halfing
  8. Humans may be Anuirean (from Anuire, essentially England/Wales), Rjurik (From the Rjurik highlands, essentially Norse/Scottish), Brecht (from Brechtur, essentially German/Hanseatic League), Khinasi (from Khinasi, essentially Moorish/Arabian), or Vos (from Vosgaard, essentially Mongol/Russian).
  9. Elves may be from Rhuobhe, Dhoesone, Tuarhievel, or the Sielwode. Dhoesone and Tuarhivel are the closest realms to Talinie. Ask the DM for more details if you plan on being from one of these realms.

Read This First!

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