Human (Khinasi) Swashbuckler


What is known about Zatara:
Unlike most of the scions at Caer Morell, Zatara was born a commoner. Of Khinasi descent, Zatara has dealt with a subtle level of mistrust from the citizens of Talinie, but he has borne this suspicion with good grace. He is an accomplished swashbuckler, and his flashing blade has been of great benefit to the group on more than one occasion. One day, Zatara dreams of gaining great wealth and riches, enough to sail the sea upon his own swift vessel.

Prior to arriving at Caer Morell, Zatara encountered a group of bandits near Grassguard, a small border village. Zatara’s skill with a sword and his blood abilities ensured victory, but the surviving bandits hold a grudge against him to this day.


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